Zum Tod von Dr. med. Alexander Lowen

23. Dezember 1910 – 28. Oktober 2008

1. Texte
Nachruf Steckel

Heiner Steckel anläßlich des Memorial zu Ehren Dr. Alexander Lowens
am 3. April 2009 in der COMMUNITY CHURCH in New York City

Virginia Wink stellte Heiner Steckel den Anwesenden vor. Sie wies auf die lange Reise hin, die Heiner auf sich genommen habe (he came a long way to be here) und sprach die lange Reise an, die er mit mit Al hinter sich habe (and he came a long way with Al). Er gehöre zu den Gründungsmitgliedern und dem ersten Vorstand des NIBA – sei dort Teilnehmer in der 1.Ausbildungsgruppe gewesen, die u.a. auch von ihr betreut wurde. Er sei seit 1990 internationaler Trainer und betreue in vielen Ländern bioenergetische Ausbildungsgruppen (es sind mittlerweile 12 Länder) – zur Zeit koordiniere er Ausbildungsgruppen in Deutschland, Frankreich, Norwegen und Brasilien und werde eine neue Gruppe in Polen übernehmen.

(Tatsächlich war Heiner Steckel am 1.Tag des Memorial der einzige nicht englisch-sprachige Redner, der zur Würdigung von Al Lowen eingeladen war.)

Die Rede von Heiner Steckel

Thank you Virginia for the nice introduction.

This is a very special moment for me.

To be able to feel your feelings, to express them and to be able to contain – was the triad Al Lowen claimed for a solid body based identity. And that is, what his work was about.

Let me see, if I will be able to balance the three in the next 15 minutes, talking about this man, who was so important for me.

I met Al Lowen first in 1976 , attending a workshop he gave in Germany – I was 23 years old – still in university – he was at the age of 66 where people usually retire in Germany.

And here was the ‚old man’ , considering my age, who seemed to me more alive and vital than myself.

I was a young intelectual - and I wanted to loose my head, as we said in those days.

So I met Al Lowen and he could help me and others to have significant experiences of contacting our deep biologically based resources.

I didn’t use these words in those days, but I do today.

In that workshop he certainly helped me to „loose my head“ for some moments. My head as a controlling and emotion inhibitting instance, okay ... but on the same hand this man, was functioning absolutely superb in his head and he could explain all the time what he was doing and why ...and more important could help me and others experience and understand our selves deeper.

This what I was really looking for, what I wanted for myself and this is what I wanted to learn and he was the man I wanted to learn from.

Between the first encounter and my last visit in New Canaan, in December 2006 – spreads out a period of 30 years, where I saw Al Lowen regularly. In many individual sessions and workshops - and later travelling with him, when he had asked me to help him at international Conferences, as Virginia mentioned before.

We saw the Video from the Hamburg Conference and I remember myself sitting in the front row, keeping my fingers cross for him and bioenergetics.

And I remember waking up in the morning by these dull rhythmic beats, when Al was kicking in the hotel-room next door – and every evening I had to get the stool back to his room, so he could use it in the morning.

He practised what he was suggesting to others.

Unforgetable moments, when we later met in the morning doing exercises together and talking the presentations over. I learned so much and it was just great to be with him.